Moleskine is a worldwide brand, yet its Czech branch is a tiny one. How to promote Moleskine to Czech buyers, primarily university students, without spending a penny? During the exam period, Czech university students practically live in libraries. Let's talk to them there and let's use the most powerful medium at hand – the books themselves. Whenever they pick one, our message will be there – “UNDOODLE BOOKS. USE MOLESKINE”.
Every vandalized book became our medium. The bookmark framed the damaged placed and nudged anyone browsing the book who might do the same not to be a prick and buy a notebook instead. To motivate the students even more, we threw in a hefty discount. Anyone finding the bookmark could either take it to the shop and use it as a voucher, or use the QR code to access the e-shop directly and buy the discounted notebook there.
Executive Creative Director: Tomas Belko, Will Rust
Copywriter: Marek Linhart
Art Director: Juan Bonastre
Case film: Tom Rust
Account: Sona Holotova, Monika Pavlikova