Hi there! You can get my story from the image above, but if you are a stickler for detail, here we go: 
Idiotic intern in 2011, copywriter in 2012, Creative Director since 2016. Did English Literature and Linguistics at Charles University, didn't like the corduroy jackets, went into advertising. Passionate about writing, nerdy about ads, know how to spell "miscellaneous". Seven years at Ogilvy, left for a spunky startup. Campaigns for Philips, Komercni Banka, Bozkov Rum, CZC.cz, Direct insurance and so on. Some awards, check below. Right now helping the whizzkids at Brain One bringing great products to the market and letting everybody know they are great. Love English Sci-Fi, general daydreaming, Dungeons and Dragons and Soy sauce. Working a lot but willing to work more. Gimme a shout.
Awards (gotta have the metal): Effie 2018, Bronze // Effie 2018, Gold // Golden Drum 2016, Grand Prix //Epica 2016, Silver // New York Festival 2016,  Shortlist // German Design Award, 1x Silver //Red Apple 2016, 1x Bronze // PIAF 2016, 2x Silver, 1x Bronze // ADC 2016, 2x Gold, 1x Silver // Czech Direct 2015, 1x Grand Prix, 2x Gold, Agency of the Year // D&AD 2015, 1x Wood Pencil // ADC 2015,  1x Gold, 1x Silver //Czech PR Awards 2014, 1x Gold, 1x Silver // ADC 2014, 1x Bronze // PIAF 2014, 1x Bronze​​​​​​​