Komercni Banka asked us to create a series of Youtube bumpers and contextual ads to promote their new Students Account. We gave the product a face - a no nonsense grandma every 17-year-old is so familiar with, and put her cute meddling in contrast with all the features of the account. We shot a series of bumpers, a 10sec sponsorship of a popular TV Music show and short contextual ads that appeared in your youtube playlist - so for instance if you streamed a lot of music videos, our grandma would laugh and tell you about the music of her youth.
10 sec Music show sponsoring
Youtube contextual ads
Creative Director: Marek Linhart
Art Director/ DESIGN LEAD: Johana Kroft
Copywriter: Honza Hlavin
Account Director: Iva Menclova
Account Management: Zuzka Mala
Production: EMI Films
Director: Simon Stefanides