This was probably the most complex pitch I ever took part in. Tesco wanted a complete overhaul of all content platforms for the whole CEE. We designed TESCO inspiration, an integrated, mobile first solution that helped everyday housewives with all their daily chores. Although Ogilvy still services TESCO, this platform never got made and all the images and videos are mockups taken from the pitch deck - barely 10% of all the work produced on this project.
This was a monumental effort that included more than 30 people at some point, but the key players were:

Head of UX/ UI: Zdenek Kurecka (Two)
Head of Design: Jan Kolar (Two)
Art Directors: Lais Veloso, Marina Frederico, Martin Kalda
Copywriters: Jakub Sabata, Miguel Molina
Creative Director: Marek Linhart
Planners: Eda Pinos, Zuzka Kabelkova, Graeme Murray
Managing Director: Martin Lauer
Account Director: Lubor Vokrouhlicky
Account Management: Filip Janouch, Eva Dudova​​​​​​​